Rebranding time!

I’ve considered this for quite a while and now I’m finally doing it: the name change is here!

Those of you who are following me here or on social media know by now what this whole scheme is about, but it’s not so easy to figure out when you just see the URL or the name of the page/account on social media.

In order to attract more like-minded people and to let those people know with just a glance what I’m going on about all day, I’ve changed the name of this platform from just “” to “Sareru: The Lady Otaku” (the URL will of course stay the same).
Now everyone knows just by reading those few words that Sareru posts a bunch of things about anime and manga that the ladies enjoy!

I’m also planning to create a group on Facebook where we can all discuss and enjoy anime and manga, that aren’t just all screaming while fighting or gathering of tiddies in another world πŸ‰πŸ‰, so like my page and stay tuned for an announcement 😘

[Admin] Links not being displayed with Adblocker

Hi guys, a short service post today!

While editing an older post I noticed that Adblockers in Chrome remove all links to CDJapan on the website, so please do me a favor and whitelist this website so you can at least see the links and a description of where they’re supposed to lead to πŸ˜…

(Especially the Yuri on Ice and Ten Counts goods posts are completely useless without the links 😩

I will also add a little notice to every post that contains a CDJapan link, so there will no longer be any confusion!

Thank you, and have a great day! πŸ’•