[News] Yarichin Bitch Bu Anime Main Theme on Spotify

That Yarichin Bitch Bu by Ogeretsu Tanaka is getting an anime OAD adaption in a special edition bundle with the upcoming third volume of the manga might not be news to you anymore, as it’s only less than a month away, being released on 21st September 2018.

The OAD is being animated by new animation Studio Grizzly which was founded by the end of last year and luckily for us overseas fans also does an unusual amount of their online marketing in English. Thanks to their affection for overseas boys love/yaoi fans they also made the main theme of the anime, “Touch You” performed by the anime’s cast in various versions, available on Spotify!

As stated in the tweet, you can find the whole album here, but they had trouble making it available globally, so if you find that you can’t access the album, drop them a tweet with the country you live in and if you don’t have twitter, feel free to comment with the same content on this post and I will let them know about it for you!

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[News] Ten Count and More Boys Love Anime announced

This week in yaoi anime: ALL OF THEM ANNOUNCEMENTS!

At Anime Japan 2018, an event for anime creators, marketers and fans, two yaoi anime were announced:

The first one, which probably surprised us all the most, is Yarichin☆Bitch-bu by Ogeretsu Tanaka!
Yaribu will get an OVA episode which will be included in the special edition of the third volume of the manga, coming out in September this year.
The project’s official twitter account already posted a trailer:

Another announcement was made for the manga Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu by Sakurabi Hashigo! This one will receive a full TV series sometime this year.

And last but not least there’s Ten Count by Takarai Rihito, which announced plans for an anime on the obi of the last manga volume which came out today.

There’s no information on the format or when it will come out, but Takarai mentioned that it might take a while.

The Ten Count smartphone game, which was in development much longer than expected, was also finally released last week. Learn here how to play the game!

And if you’re looking for goods to celebrate this announcement, check out my Ten Count Goods post 😀