Splendid news!

The manga “Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki” by Scarlet Beriko which is a spin-off of “Minori no Te” and got its paperback release in August this year, is getting adapted to drama CD!

^ Twitter announcement by Dear+ staff


The drama CD will be released on March 18th next year.


Ooyamato Tatsuyuki: Satou Takuya

Koga Nozomi: Okitsu Kazuyuki

Rogi: Shingaki Tarusuke


I’m so excited I’m vibrating on the highest setting to be honest ෆු(*˃ர்˂*)ෆු


  1. I’m sorry I listed only their most recent releases but Okitsu is Maou from Datte Maou sama. The guy you mentioned (Mado,ah he’s funny) is voiced by Nakazawa Masatomo
    Yeah you should check Iberiko Buta series~

  2. Well i’m kinda surprised you had to look up their names because they’re currently the ‘it’ boys of BLCD industry lol (forgive me being blcd nerd that i am ;p)
    I like Escape Jorney a lot…i have read Tanaka sensei’s previous works but only got hooked after Escape Journey. It’s simple yet engaging, made me sympathize with the main charas. And the sex scenes are hot af hohohohoho

    1. oooooh then can you recommend me a few recent ones with them? i listened to a lot of titles a while back but i guess most of them were older ones D:

      heck yes, the sex scenes are great *^* which is also why i’m really looking forward to yarichin bitch bu 😀
      (i’ve already preordered the limited edition of the first volume because i’m trash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
      (and i just found out that there’s gonna be a toranoana limited edition with goods, but damn, that one’s too expensive for me OTL)

      1. Satou(seme)xOkitsu(uke) pairing: Koe wa Shite Namida wa Mienu Nuregarasu (gosh why is the title so long i had to google it to make sure)
        they also work together in Choco Strawberry Vanilla (hot threesome w/Takeuchi Ken) and Souai Ero Ki but different couple in the story.

        Recent Satou blcd: Koitomo (uke), Hodokeru Kaibutsu, Danshi Koukousei hajimeteno, Kichiku Encount.
        He mostly does seme. Koitomo was his first uke role.
        Recent Okitsu: Kuchizuke wa Uso no Aji 2, Datte Maou sama wa Kare ga Kirai 2, Kachou Fuugetsu 3, Usotsuki Dekiai Darlin (seme)
        He mostly does uke but he’s also good as seme.

        Yaritchin Bitch-bu full of colorful haired boys~~~ the preview already screams HOT.
        Other thing I’m happy about is the continuation if Shoowa’s Iberiko Buta Koi no Dorei. How I miss the couple and the humor…

        1. GASP chocolate strawberry vanilla and koitomo were already on my to-listen list but i didn’t have time to do so yet D: AND KICHIKU ENCOUNT, I’VE SURE LISTENED TO THAT ONE i guess it’s time to listen to that again ohoho
          if he’s only in the second datte maou-sama cd, is he voicing the guy from mao’s family who comes to check on him and refuses to leave?

          ooooh i’ve only read bokura no mitsudomoe sensou by shoowa so far, i guess i’ll give the iberiko one a try as well!

          thanks for the recs! 😀

  3. So excited about the casting choice!!! Ultimate seme and ultimate uke! I hope Escape Journey will have the same cast as this but in reverse. Lol
    By the way, have you read Ogeretsu Tanaka’s Escape Journey?

    1. Tbh i had to look up the cast since i had never heard of them before and i liked them a lot as well! although rogi seemed more like the oyaji type to me in the manga so i was hoping for ookawa tooru here (my all time favorite oyaji, his performance in double bind – outface was awesome) :’3

      yes, i read escape journey quite a while ago already! that was actually the first ogeretsu tanaka title i read and what made me love the artist 😀

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