[Review] Dancing Colors by Furukawa Tasuku

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Today I come to you with a review of this gem:

Dancing Colors by Furuwaka Tasuku

There’s not much info on the author except that this seems to be her first work and a link to her twitter.

The manga is about a couple of male pole dancers who dance at a club called Grand Blue. Kou, the blue-haired guy on the cover has been pole dancing for ages, just like his father who was also a pole dancer in the same club. Kou has a burn scar over his left eye from the fire his father died in, and this is why he covers part of his face with a mask on stage.

Nagisa is an up-and-coming dancer who just joined the Grand Blue’s team. Everything would be great if he weren’t a conceited little shit who also sleeps with his male manager. Kou criticizes Nagisa after his first performance in Grand Blue which hurts Nagisa’s pride and after a couple fights Nagisa asks Kou to become his pole dancing teacher.

The art is obviously not top notch, but it’s definitely good enough for my standards. The colors on the cover caught my eye when I saw it on twitter and since I learned that the story was about pole dancers, I got ridiculously excited. It’s not every day that you get a manga about such an unusual job!

The dancing scenes have a certain magic about them, especially when Kou and Nagisa dance together. I found no major anatomic flaws while reading, which would’ve bugged me a lot, especially when the characters are as naked as those guys are.

The manga now has its own website with previews and teasers:

Have a few more illustrations from the author:

Overall an unusual manga with nice art, great story, interesting characters and you definitely won’t get bored while reading.

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