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Hello friends!

Welcome to my first (actually relevant) post on my new blog! And YAY, I made it almost in time to publish this on my birthday 😀

As the year is nearly over already, the “best xxx of 2015” rankings have started to show up on every corner of the web, and I also don’t wanna leave that one out. My first ranking will be a not quite easy, but definitely expected one: my favorite BL releases of 2015. I could’ve called this “BL manga of 2015” instead, but I also don’t wanna leave doujinshi, drama CDs or anime out of this ranking. (Sadly, none of them have made it into my top 5 this year buhu).

People suggested that for several reasons I should take photos of the things I post about, so since I actually suck at photography, I hope you will forgive me for that.

And now without further ado, let’s start with the ranking!


5. Harukaze no Étranger volume 1 by Kii Kanna


This manga by Kii Kanna is the continuation of Umibe no Étranger which also came out early this year. After finding together in Umibe no Étranger and living together for a while on the island, Mio and Shun go to Tokyo together and stumble across Shun’s parents. Surprisingly, Shun has a little brother and his father is sick, so the two move into flat above the family’s shop.

Shun’s parents, and most of all his dad, still are troubled by their son being openly gay, and the youngest family member couldn’t be happier about finally meeting his big brother.

Like Umibe, Harukaze is cute and funny and comes with a number of emotional twists thanks to the main characters’ insecurities and their interactions with Shun’s family.

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The manga also has its own website with information, art samples and a list of goods!


4. Ten Count volume 3 by Takarai Rihito


I know that volume 4 just came out and it has been an emotional rollercoaster, but so far I still like volume 3 better. The volume starts and ends with Kurose and Shirotani being together, slowly getting to know and used to each other and getting close, REALLY close in the process. We get a few hints about Shirotani’s past and see him struggle with his desire for Kurose and his illness preventing him from giving into that desire. The entire volume is mainly about that inner struggle and Kurose trying to find out Shirotani’s limits. Oh, and of course, there’s the cute buttplug.

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Here’s the website with a list of goods and news about the series.

3. Motto! Hinekure Chaser by Panco.


The continuation of Hinekure Chaser picks up where the first volume left off. Yamato and Hirokawa are finally a couple and start spending more time together. More and more of Hirokawa’s past is revealed and he’s faced with his family’s expectations and their conflict with his love for Yamato.

After Yamato wasn’t exactly the nicest flower in the pot in the first volume, he gets more gentle and caring now, and starts to think of the concequences of his actions and desires and how they not only affect him, but Hirokawa as well.

Despite calling myself ドM on twitter, I’m actually more of the S type when it comes to seeing my favorite characters suffer, so I really enjoyed the couple’s despair a lot.

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2. 5-Nin no Ou volume 1 by Eniwa and Epo


This one is actually the manga adaption of a novel series of the same name, and tells the story of a young boy who goes to the kings’ palace in order to protect his younger sister who is his only family. The country is ruled by five kings who live together in a huge palace complex(?) in the center of the country and each of them controls a part of this country.

Sage, the main character, makes a promise with the Blue King: in order to protect his sister he will stay in the castle as the Blue King’s princess and take on his sister’s indentity and in exchange his sister will be left alone to live her life in freedom. The boy, unable to read or write and generally ignorant of how this country works, learns about the country’s god and its kings during his stay. One after another he meets the kings and gets closer with the Red King.

Sage is an adorable sweetheart and a loving brother who even endures the Blue King’s sexual abuse without complaint. Azure, the Blue King and likely the guy Sage will end up with, kills one of the fellow kings even before we see his face for the first time. So much about his gentle and loving character. In contrast to that, the Red King is a nice and funny and generally down to earth guy who comes to like Sage as much as Sage likes him.

There’s actually a lot more to say about this manga, because its universe is very complex and really interesting, but that’d just take the fun out of actually reading it, right?

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1. Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki by Scarlet Beriko


This one is actually a spin-off of Minori no Te and focuses on Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, the young master of a yakuza group in Tokyo who shows up as a client in Minori no Te’s first chapter. Unlucky as he is, he fell in love with Minori-sensei, but his love remains unrequited. In order to help him overcome his sadness, his assisstant/caretaker/substitute dad(?) makes him visit the group’s Fukuoka branch, where the first thing Tatsuyuki does is get drunk and then laid by a guy who he thinks is his beloved sensei (hint: he’s not). The guy turns out to be someone Tatsuyuki met as a child and he’d promised to marry him back then. Since that time he was in love with Tatsuyuki and is now overjoyed to meet him again.

This story has pretty much everything you could possibly ask for: comedy, love, sex, action, tragedy and last but not least wonderful art. The only thing I actually DON’T like about this manga is that the paper they used for the cover is glossy. And that’s only a minor detail I am more than willing to overlook in favor of the great story.

Yakuza-kun and Mr. Pretty-Boy are too adorable for words and as the story progresses you can feel their love growing so much you’ll start feeling all fuzzy inside. Those of you who know me know that my favorite smut scenes are the happy ones, where you can see that the parties involved want to be in that place at that moment with that person more than anything else. You can feel the passion, the heat and the gentleness.

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I hope that if you decide to check those titles out, you will enjoy them as much as I do and spread the word about them in order to get them the recognition they deserve.

Thank you for reading!

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