Scarlet Beriko 11th debut anniversary goods

I’m finally back with another post!

Scarlet Beriko, author of Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, Jackass and Jealousy, is celebrating the 11th anniversary since her debut as a manga artist this year with a couple events in Japan where you could eat collaboration dishes, wander though an exhibition featuring her manga’s concept art and purchase a bunch of new goods!

On Twitter I was asked a lot where you can get your hands on the goods, and I’m glad to tell you that they’re finally available for order online! So without further ado, stretch out your grabby hands and let’s go!

Muffler towels

Jackass! Blue Muffler Towel with Bromaid Current price 2851 yen + proxy service fee

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki Beige Muffler Towel with Bromaid Current price 2851 yen + proxy service fee

Jealousy Purple Muffler Towel with Bromaid Current price 2851 yen + proxy service fee

Chin Koushaku / Count Dick

Scaberi’s very own event mascot finally got his own line of merchandise ;D

Chin Koushaku Trading Acrylic Charm Set Current price 407 yen + proxy service fee

(CDJapan says the 3 charms in the pack are randomly selected but the sample image says there are all three types included in the set, so I’d like to believe the image instead lol)

Chin Koushaku Ramune & Vinyl Coaster Set “Monochrome” Current price 916 yen + proxy service fee

Chin Koushaku Ramune & Vinyl Coaster Set “Blue” Current price 916 yen + proxy service fee

(Ramune is a Japanese soda drink with a special bottle design!)

More Goods

Tatsuyuki Accessory Stand Current price 1833 yen + proxy service fee

(I already got mine a while ago and it’s SO PRETTY AAAAAH 💕💕💕)

Yondaime / Jealousy Clear Files Set Current price 1018 yen + proxy service fee

Jealousy Connectable Acrylic Keychain Current price 712 yen + proxy service fee

Jealousy Canvas Board Current price 5092 yen + proxy service fee

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki Jigsaw Puzzle (TORICO-exclusive frame & poster set) Current price 4787 yen + proxy service fee

Please note that the prices mentioned here can be changed in the store at any minute and do not include shipping!

And if those goods are not enough for you, feel free to check out my other post with Jealousy goods as well!

[News] Scarlet Beriko’s Jealousy erscheint in Deutschland

Was lange währt, wird endlich gut: Auch die neuste Serie der Boys Love-Zeichnerin Scarlet Beriko (Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, Jackass) erscheint nächstes Jahr endlich auf Deutsch! Auch diesmal wird wieder Egmont der Verleger sein und gleich beide bereits in Japan erschienenen Bände innerhalb weniger Monate veröffentlichen.

Jealousy Band 1 erscheint am 2. Mai und Band 2 am 4. Juli 2019 und beide sind derzeit für 8€ vorbestellbar.

Wer sich die vergangenen deutschen Releases von Scarlet Beriko schon gesichert hat, dem wird vielleicht aufgefallen sein, dass dieses Mal der Originaltitel übernommen würde, was man von den vorherigen Manga leider nicht behaupten kann 😛
Da ich persönlich leider immer noch psychisch unter Touch my Jackass (statt einfach nur Jackass [was ist ein Jackass und wie fasse ich es an?!]) leide und viele mein Schicksal teilen, wollen wir auf Twitter den Sieger krönen! Macht doch mit:

Jealousy Goods

Some of you may know that I’m running the @scaberi_news Twitter, where I translate tweets by Scarlet Beriko and share information about her works. I also sometimes join her livestream to translate for you guys. (which I would love to do more, but work and studies won’t let me orz)

Over there I’ve received a ton of tweets asking me where I bought my Scaberi goods, like the niginigi manjuu set or jigsaw puzzle of Nozomi and Tatsuyuki from Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki and the Jealousy pouch. So now you can finally complete you Scaberi collection!

Please note that the prices are subject to change and none of the prices here include shipping.

Niginigi Omanjuu Set “Nozomi and Tatsuyuki”

Definitely the most demanded item according to my twitter mentions. I’ve received mine already and they’re cute and squishy as heck *^* I dressed mine in the black dog and fox kigurumis and it fits them way too well.

Current price 1404 yen + service fee

Jigsaw Puzzle “Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki”

Another item highly in demand ever since Scaberi herself jokingly tweeted about making one (I’m guessed it was already decided that there’d be a puzzle at that time). This original illustration is also where the Count Chin joke originated from, of which a badge and tape set was sold at the recent Scaberi gallery and cafe (sadly not online).

Current price 2376 yen + service fee

“The T-shirt Rogi is wearing”

Now what on earth might this item be, judging from its name? This item was originally sold only at the gallery and cafe but was made available online after the event.

Ladies Size M – Current price 3780 yen + service fee

Comicomi Special Set “Jealousy” volume 1

Cute and silky and covered with little “Jealousy” chibis (gotta admit, my favorite is Reika cuz nobody is as adorable as her), this pouch comes as a set with the first volume of “Jealousy”. Also comes with a bonus paper.

Current price 1566 yen

Comicomi Special Set “Jealousy” volume 3

Comes with an adorable set of two acryl stands and a ComiComi Studio bonus paper.

Current price 2300 yen + service fee

Trading Acrylic Charm “Jealousy”

JUST. SO. CUTE. These are the same chibis which are featured on the pouch above, but this time as acrylic charms.

This is NOT a set, but a single charm, randomly selected, so you will only know which one you got when you open the package at home. You can order up to 20 charms at once in case you want to complete the collection. Good luck!

Current price 500 yen

“Jealousy” Postcard Set (4+1)

This postcard set of 4 (plus one bonus postcard) comes with illustrations from the “Jealousy” manga.

Current price 648 yen

“Jealousy” Original Postcard Set (4)

This postcard set of 4 comes with original illustrations which were not featured in the first volume of “Jealousy”. Scaberi herself said that she was amazed by how great the pink color turned out in the bunny cocktail card.

Current price 540 yen

“Jealousy” A4 Clearfile

I guess there’s not much to say about this except that it’s a clearfile, the size is A4 and the illustration is beautiful????????

Current price 324 yen

As always, please note that the shop prices can’t be changed at any moment and I can’t guarantee for them here.

If you need any help with buying these items, feel free to contact DEJAPAN at either Twitter or via their website’s contact form.