Doukyuusei Series (by Nakamura Asumiko) Goods

The Doukyuusei movie is without a doubt one of the top anime in the Boys Love genre and the series keeps on giving in the still ongoing manga series!


Includes not only the movie, but also two disks of the movie’s original soundtrack!

DVD Current price 8000 yen
Blu-Ray Current price 9000 yen

Artbook: Doukyuusei Visual Book

Features all kinds of illustrations, concept art and more from the Doukyuusei movie. (I own it and it’s indeed amazingly beautiful.)

Current price 2300 yen

Doukyuusei Manga in Order

  1. Doukyuusei Current price 619 yen
  2. Sotsugyousei -Fuyu- Current price 619 yen
  3. Sotsugyousei -Haru- Current price 619 yen
  4. O.B. volume 1 Current price 648 yen
  5. O.B. volume 2 Current price 648 yen
  6. Sora to Hara Current price 734 yen
  7. blanc volume 1 Current price 690 yen
  8. blanc volume 2 Current price 720 yen
  9. home Current price 830 yen

(Sora to Hara is a spin-off about their teacher)

Artbook: Sotsugyou Album

Features illustrations from the Doukyuusei series previously published in 3 differents books (B5 size fanbook, B5 size description book, and limited booklet B6 size). Also comes with how to draw a color illustration and much more.

Current price 1833 yen

Kono BL ga Yabai!

A book with reports about successful BL manga, novels etc. from the previous year. Contains sales charts, interviews with authors and sometimes also exclusive short comics.

2014 issue Current price 700 yen

2017 issue Current price 850


Acryl Big Key Chain Spring / Summer / Autumn
Masking Tape Set Score & Soda and Lemon Yellow Ribbon / Kokuhaku
Pocket Clear File Set Graduation Ceremony / Sora to Hara / Summer / Autumn

These items are still available on amiami! Big thanks to Cat in the comments for sharing the link!


    Wow! Impressive field work;) I didn't realize the Doukyuusei merch was available yet. Not sure if you already saw this but. It is also available on amiami. Most of the items are listed at "tentative preorder." That said, I just received confirmation that they were able to secure stock for my order. Erm...yeah just figured I'd pass that along. Great blog btw, Strong work!!

    Cat | 8 years ago

      hi and thanks! nope, i didn't know that ö3ö i've never ordered on amiami before, i usually spend most of my time on either cdjapan or otakurepublic (or yahoo auction, but that one's even worse for my finances OTL) do you have a link to the items on amiami? i can't seem to find them D: there's only two dokyusei figures but those seem to be from a completely different series haha

      Sareru | 8 years ago

        Haha yes otakurepublic! ... I have bonded well with that site (and by" I," I mean my wallet...haha) [though recently I have been using that tenso forwarding service, and purchasing from stores directly... which I have been much kinder on the financial situation....sigh] Anyway, not that that matters for amiami... Here is the link to the merch: It looks like they have the keychains, tape and clear files. Hope that helps ^^

        Cat | 8 years ago

          waaaaaaaah thank you so much! i've added the link to the post so people will find it :D

          Sareru | 8 years ago

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